Is It A Good Idea To Apply For The Same Job Twice?

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So, you’re in the position of applying for the same job twice. Maybe you’re looking for a second chance at a first impression, or you’re really trying to boost your interview chances. But you don’t want to look desperate or seem like a nuisance. So, is applying for the same job twice a good idea?

Applying for the same job twice is a good idea because a double application can increase your chances of getting an interview. Applying through multiple jobs sights is also a good action to stand out to employers. You can also apply for multiple positions at the same company to show your versatility.

Will applying to a job twice boost my chances of getting an interview?

Applying for a job twice is a great way to boost your chances of scoring an interview. An employer is more likely to come across your resume if it is submitted twice. Let’s say they came across your resume once and put you in the ‘maybe’ pile. When they see your resume again, your name will stick out because they recognize it. This means they will give you more attention, making you familiar to them. Then you are more likely to be remembered and considered for an interview, even if you were in the ‘maybe’ pile.

What you do want to avoid, though, is applying to the same job more than twice. This is when you start to come across as desperate to find a job, rather than interested in the position itself. Employers like determination and proactive employees who advocate for themselves, which is what applying twice shows. You are displaying keen interest and commitment to working for their company.

These factors are key characteristics that employers are looking for which is why applying twice can boost your interview chances. Your interest shows them that you are committed to building a career, not just finding a job.

How long should you wait before re-applying to a job?

Does it look bad to apply to multiple positions at the same company?If you’re applying to the same job through the same job site (or in-person), you should wait at least 3 months to re-apply. If you submit two applications within a few days of each other, the desired impact on the employer is reduced. Instead of thinking ‘wow this person is very interested,’ it seems like an accidental second application. Employers can view this as a careless act where you aren’t keeping track of the positions you are applying for. They might then think that you haven’t done any research about the position and are just desperate for a job.

You want the employer to see your name, read your resume, then come across it again as a reminder that you are a keen applicant. It also makes your name and qualifications stick out in their mind. Waiting at least a week prevents you from becoming just another name in the pile!

Should I apply to the same job on different job sites?

Applying to one job on numerous job sites is a smart way to go about applying twice. Since job sites today are flooded with offers from hundreds of companies, it’s actually quite difficult to come across the same job across different sites. Not every company puts out feelers on every job site. So, if you manage to apply for the same job on different sites, it shows that job is of high interest to you.

Prospective employers like the idea that their job stood out on multiple sites to the same person. By applying on two different job sites, you’re showing them; ‘hey, this position made an impression on me and is something I’m very interested in.’ You’re more likely to be remembered and considered for an interview if the employer notices your resume came through on multiple sites. If they don’t realise, then there is no harm done!

Alternatively, many employers use recruitment companies to find general labour workers and many other employees. So, whilst you won’t be able to apply on multiple websites, you can make sure to have good contact with the recruitment company. Let their employers get to know you and stand out as a friendly, reliable, and interested applicant. Keeping communication lines open will greatly benefit your application.

Can I apply to the same company twice, but for a different position?

If you have the skillset for each position, then absolutely you can. It is definitely acceptable to apply for multiple positions at one company. Applying for multiple positions shows companies that you are versatile and flexible. This is a key skill that employers like to see in their employees. When you apply to multiple positions, you are essentially advocating that you have this skill before you even interview.

This is something that would boost your likelihood of being called in for an interview. Having the ability to perform multiple job functions makes you a vital employee. It increases your hiring appeal compared to someone with one set of skills specific to one position.

Is it possible to get hired after being rejected if I apply again?

How do you get a job after rejection?This depends on whether you were rejected pre-interview (as in your resume wasn’t picked) or if you were rejected post-interview. If you were rejected after your interview, then you are less likely to get another chance at an interview, let alone be hired. But you can always work on improving your communication skills alone so that you are prepared when it comes time for your next interview.

There are reasons behind poor interviews (being ill, something going on in your personal life, etc.) that employers will consider. Many employers can be understanding of the circumstances. By explaining yourself you show dedication towards getting a second chance and it might just be enough.

Maybe your resume simply wasn’t chosen the first time around and you never got the call for an interview. If this is the case, you have a better shot at being interviewed/hired if you apply a second time. Sometimes employers gravitate towards specific resumes. If yours doesn’t contain certain key aspects or layout formats, then they might dismiss it. Make sure your resume is up to date, with keywords, and is visually appealing to stand out!

Should I reapply to jobs I was rejected from with an updated resume?

Applying with an updated, clean, organized resume can make a significant difference in the likelihood of being hired. If you applied once and you did not get that interview call, applying twice with an updated resume could be your saving grace

For example, if you noticed that your resume was missing a certificate or your most recent job, update that and reapply! If you got rejected once but have since gone back to school and finished your degree, add that to your resume and try again! Employers are unlikely to remember your resume if they never gave you a phone call, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Applying to a job twice is more often than not a good idea as long as you are doing it mindfully and intentionally. Applying twice shows employers that you are highly interested in the position they are offering. If you have the skillset, applying to multiple positions shows that you’re versatile, which will likely get you in for an interview. Don’t be afraid to be a little pushy with your application process. Advocate yourself by applying twice!

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