Are Diplomas Worth It?

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Diplomas can often seem like a secondary option when considering your education. But there are more and more opportunities rising with diplomas. So, are diplomas worth it?

There are many reasons that make a diploma worthwhile. These include getting into the workforce sooner, earning more money, and fewer course fees. Diplomas can have more flexible learning options compared to other degrees. Many diplomas focus on specific areas of an industry for specialised training.

Like any tertiary study, there are multiple benefits to doing a diploma. Some might even consider it a better option than a bachelor’s degree!

Is a diploma worth doing?

Diplomas are definitely worth your time to specialise in industries that you’re passionate about with lots of advantages. Diplomas are offered in a range of ways to cater to all learning types and lifestyles. It can be easier to complete a diploma at any point in your adult life compared to other tertiary degrees. This is because there are many diplomas designed to offer study options for full-time parents, carers, and workers. It’s a great way to gain skills and qualifications to help make a career change.

You can learn lots of the same information in many diplomas as you would in another university degree. Often diplomas are more focused on specific areas. For example, you could complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology if that is where your interest lies. Or, if you are more interested in talking therapies, you can complete a diploma in counselling. This gives you the skills to open your own private practice and become a professional counsellor.

Diplomas are also worthwhile if you’re looking to get into the work field sooner. Most diplomas can be completed in a shorter time than other degrees and involve placement and internships. This helps you start working and building your career sooner. The course fees for diplomas are also much lower, with many people paying the diploma off as they study. This saves you from piles of student debt when you graduate!

You still gain lots of knowledge and specialised training in diplomas. They are a great way to build a range of skills across an industry. It does depend on what your end career goal is, but doing a diploma is definitely something to consider as worth your time!

Is it hard to get a job with a diploma?

Generally speaking, it isn’t hard to get a job with a diploma certification. There is plenty of demand in Australia right now for such practical qualifications. Research has shown around 78% of diploma graduates are employed after the end of their studies, within the first couple of years.

Diplomas can involve a lot of placement training, especially for trade studies. This helps set you up with a network and connections to easily gain a job with a diploma. For example, if you are studying a diploma in a field of construction, your teachers will often connect you with a labour recruitment agency.

You will also often complete units of a diploma that help teach you the best ways to gain a job in the field you’re studying. Pair this training with your qualification and networking, and you won’t find it hard to get a job with a diploma.

Can you get a good job with a diploma?Is it hard to get a job with a diploma?

You certainly can get a good job with a diploma. There is such a wide range of opportunities to build a career with diplomas these days. One of the best examples is in the construction industry. If you gain a diploma for some form of high-demand trade, you can charge a higher price for labour.

Sections of the construction industry that you can build a career in and gain a good job with a diploma include:

  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Health and safety advisor
  • Site manager
  • Skilled labourer

All these tracks can be started with a diploma and pay well with plenty of opportunities to advance your career.

So, in terms of pay and your future, you can certainly get a good job with a diploma. The other great thing about a lot of these trades, too, is that most of them are always in demand. So, even if you work on a freelance basis, you’ll never be short of work.

Can a diploma be better than a degree?

There are many times when a diploma can be better than a degree. This is considering the advantages of completing a diploma over a degree. One advantage is that you can expect to earn $3,200 more than someone with another tertiary degree in your first year after graduating.

You’ll also find yourself in the workforce sooner than most studying for a university degree. Degrees generally take 3 to 4 years, whereas diplomas, on average, take 1 to 2 years.Can diplomas be better than a degree?

Diplomas are also far less of a financial commitment for students. Typical undergraduate programs can cost at least $15,000. Diplomas can be $5,000 or less at times. Plus, there is still a great deal of potential government funding and assistance available for diploma payments. This opens up more opportunities for people of all backgrounds and incomes to gain qualifications.

All of these factors can make a diploma better than a degree for people. But there will always be times, too, when a degree will beat a diploma. This is especially the case in medical and scientific fields. The extra study and experience from a degree is important for these areas.

Do diplomas look bad on resumes?

Diplomas don’t look bad on resumes and can be the perfect qualification to land a job. Employers seek any kind of tertiary study and qualification, whether that’s a degree or a diploma. Part of this is about showing that you are willing to commit to further study and work. But also you cover many of the same skills between the two. There are many jobs that will put the lowest prerequisite as a diploma. Others will say that a specific diploma is their preferred level of qualification for the role.

Putting any diploma or extra study on your resume will never look bad because you are showing your experience and knowledge. Diplomas tend to be more practical qualifications which boost your skillset that can be applied to your resume. For vocational trades especially, diplomas often are more advantageous for your resume.

Can I have a good career with only a diploma?Do diplomas look bad on resumes?

You can build a great career with only a diploma. This can be measured in a range of ways including your pay, job security, and job satisfaction. Over your lifetime earnings, diplomas can return as much as 20,000% on your initial investment. You can build a very successful career from a diploma that allows you to earn a large income.

Take, for example, construction management roles. These pay as much as $153,000 per year on average. Diplomas are a great pathway into such careers. But diplomas can also lead to less hands-on careers, such as digital marketing manager. Careers in digital marketing can pay around $101,000 per year. Both of these incomes are much greater than the cost of the diploma itself.

Most diplomas specialise in areas of industries that have a high demand. Diplomas run for a shorter time in order to get workers faster. So, you are likely to have plenty of job security stemming from your diploma qualification.

Plus, diplomas are offered in a much broader range of occupations and specialities than many other degrees. So, you can find and focus on your passion in your qualifications. This specialises you for a job doing exactly what you love and care about. This can bring lots of job satisfaction to you, leaving you feeling fulfilled by your work while earning a good income.

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