Is It A Good Idea To Call After An Interview?

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Has it been a few days after your job interview, and you still haven’t heard back from the recruiters? Waiting for a message can be nerve-wracking. Should you call after an interview to help relieve some stress?

Calling after an interview is a good idea because it could be the final expression of interest that lands you a job. Be sure to stay positive on the phone and keep the call brief. Maintain a professional and friendly tone. Also, don’t forget to thank the employer for taking the time to talk to you.

Here’s what you need to know about calling after an interview.

Does calling after an interview help your application?

There are multiple benefits to calling after an interview that makes it a good idea. It helps you establish a personal connection with the interviewer or recruiter. Calling after an interview also gives you another chance to catch up with the hiring team. It could be the deciding action that lands you a second interview.

By calling after an interview, you are showing your keen interest in a position. It doesn’t have to be a long or detailed call. Just an update on the application. It’s important to keep the conversation brief unless the recruiter continues to ask you questions. Make the first move by conducting the call but allow whoever answers to guide the call length and detail. You might even end up conducting a second interview over the phone at that moment. Stay positive no matter what the outcome of the call is and thank the recruiters for their time.

By showing your interest and ability to communicate first, you are making yourself a more valuable candidate for a job. The important thing, though, is to call at the right time after an interview.

When to make a follow-up call after an interview

Advice on calling after a job interviewCalling after having an interview with a company is a good idea, but you need to wait for an appropriate time before calling. If you try ringing the interviewer just after your interview, you can appear over-eager and impatient. You haven’t given them the time to finish interviewing other potential workers or to gather their ideas about who will fit the position.

Waiting too long to call after an interview is also not recommended. The ideal time to call is 1-2 weeks after the interview unless you have been instructed otherwise by the company. If you are working with a labour recruitment company to find work as a labourer, you can contact the recruitment agency earlier than this.

It is best to call at the beginning or end of the working day. This way, you can contact the interviewer when they are least likely to be in the middle of work. But they are both times that call for brief conversations. So, again, make sure you just do a quick and polite check-in about the position.

What to do in a follow-up call after an interview

There are multiple steps to take when it comes to making a good post-interview follow-up phone call. Here we have set out a quick guide for you.

Prepare well before making the call

It’s always best to mentally prepare yourself before the call. If you are nervous, write a script. If not, make a note of the key information you will need. You can also keep your resume close by when calling after an interview. This helps you prepare for any questions the interviewer might have for you. You can also practice the conversation before calling.

Briefly introduce yourself

When you call the interviewer, don’t forget to mention your name, the position you interviewed for, and when you interviewed. The recruiter has lots of other responsibilities that they have focused on between the interview and this phone call. They might say that they remember you before you finish introducing yourself, but it’s important to give them the information anyway. When you introduce yourself again, it’s also polite to check if they have a moment to check in with you or if this is a bad time. This shows you respect their time.

Offer a thank you

Alongside checking if the interviewer has a minute to chat, you should thank them for their time. This is both for the interview itself and for taking the time to have a brief catch-up with you in this phone conversation.How to call after a job interview

Ask about the position

Be conscious of the fact that the company may have already recruited someone for the position by the time you call. First, mention you’re calling in regards to the vacant position if it is still available. If it is still available, express your interest once again and ask good questions about a job.

Keep the call short and simple

Don’t take a long time to introduce yourself or brag about your achievements. Once you remind the interviewer who you are, they may remember you from the interview. Since they already have all the necessary information about you, you don’t have to elaborate. Remember, you are just calling for an update on the job status and to remind them that you are still interested in the position.

Leave a voice message

If no one is available to take your call, it’s okay to leave a voice message. Following the same steps as you would if they had picked up the call. Introduce yourself and mention the position you interviewed for. State that you were hoping to find out about an update on the vacancy status and appreciate their time.

What not to do in a follow-up call after an interview

There are common mistakes candidates make during follow-up calls after interviews. We’ve compiled a short list below so you know what to avoid:

  • Asking about other candidates and their interviews
  • Expressing lots of interest in the position only to decline a job offer
  • Complaining about the company and interview process
  • Directly asking if they want to recruit you
  • Calling a general number instead of directly calling the interviewer or the person in charge of hiring
  • Questioning why the company hasn’t made a decision about the position yet
  • Calling more than once (unless specifically asked to call back on a specific date)

Sample follow-up call script

Follow-up call conversation ideaHere’s a sample script for a follow-up call after an interview. You can tweak this to match your information and use it to hopefully secure the position.

Hi (….), This is (…….).

We met on …… when I interviewed for the …… role at your company. I really appreciated our discussion about (……). I’m calling because I want to follow up to express my interest in the position and learn about your hiring timeline. Please contact me at your convenience and let me know if you have any additional questions about my application. My number is (….).

Thanks again for the interview, and I hope to hear from you soon.

What are alternatives to follow-up calls?

A phone call is not the only way to follow up after an interview. If you are not comfortable directly speaking to the hiring manager, you can also send them an email or a handwritten note. Writing an email or a note gives you time to put your thoughts together neatly. Phone calls and emails are the most common ways candidates follow up with a company after an interview.

Some people recommended reaching out to interviewers on social media, such as LinkedIn. But if there has been no prior communication in regards to work through these platforms, avoid this. It is unprofessional.

Calling after an interview is a good way to contact a hiring manager and have a final shot at expressing your interest in a role. Remember to be brief, polite, and grateful for the opportunity!

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