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Carpenter Job Available in Brisbane

Rednax Recruitment experiences a daily influx of calls from residential, commercial, and civil building groups who are in urgent need of skilled workers and specialists, particularly carpenters.

Our company is the ideal destination for those looking for short- and long-term casual carpentry roles, with numerous vacancies available throughout Brisbane.

Chippy Jobs Brisbane

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We are currently hiring carpenters in Brisbane. The most sought-after skills in a Carpenter are physical strength and attention to detail.

If you are a chippy or are in the carpentry industry, please send us your resume. Whether you are available to work full-time, causally or as a sub-contract would love to meet you in person and discuss this opportunity in greater detail.

Carpentry Position Description

Right now, we are looking for experienced carpenters to fill various jobs Brisbane wide. You may be placed in residential, commercial or general construction sites.

Chippies play a crucial role in the construction industry, contributing to the overall team in several essential ways. Their possession of unique skills and expertise in working with wood and other building materials makes them indispensable on any construction site. Carpenters handle tasks such as measuring, cutting, shaping, and joining materials, which are vital for the successful completion of various construction projects.

One of the key aspects of a carpenter’s role is ensuring the structural integrity of buildings and structures. They construct frameworks, walls, roofs, and other essential elements that form the foundation of a project. Their precision and attention to detail allow them to follow architectural plans and blueprints accurately, contributing to the overall quality and safety of the construction.

Chippies also demonstrate remarkable adaptability, as construction work often involves encountering unique challenges and unexpected changes. They are skilled at finding creative solutions to address any issues that arise during the building process, contributing to the smooth progress of the project.

Timely completion of construction projects is critical, and carpenters play a significant role in achieving this goal. Their efficient work helps keep the project on schedule, avoiding delays and associated costs.

Collaboration is another vital aspect of a carpenter’s role. They work closely with other tradespeople and professionals on the construction site, such as engineers, architects, and fellow construction workers. This teamwork ensures seamless coordination and communication, leading to a successful project outcome.

Beyond the initial construction phase, carpenters are also essential for ongoing maintenance and repair work. Their skills are required to address wear and tear, weather damage, and other issues that may arise over time, ensuring the longevity and functionality of the structures they have built.

In this role you may carry out a variety of tasks such as construct, repair, and install building frameworks and structures across residential, commercial, and general construction sites.

If you are looking for a carpentry role that provides growth and the opportunity to develop your chippy skills, contact us! We are currently taking interviews with qualified candidates. Be one of the first people we contact by submitting your resume today.


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Chippy Job Duties

Carpenters handle a wide range of tasks which vary from job to job and site to site. Some key examples of typical onsite duties include:

  • Measuring, cutting and shaping wood, plastic, and other materials
  • Following blueprints and building plans to meet the needs of clients
  • Constructing building frames such as walls, floors and doorframes (Residential, frames, new / old house build, commercial)
  • Installing structures and fixtures, such as windows and moulding
  • Assembling, levelling and installing building framework with the aid of rigging hardware and cranes
  • Fit-outs
  • Providing direction to labourers and other construction assistants
  • Inspecting and replacing damaged framework or other structures and fixtures
  • Demolition
  • General labouring

Essential Criteria of Carpenter Positions

To succeed in this application a candidate must have a good attitude, and the following requirements:

  • White Card
  • Valid Drivers Licence
  • Basic Tools (depending on the position)

Specifics of this Carpentry Position in Brisbane

  • Hours: 40-45 per week
  • Very competitive rates
  • Great opportunities for the right candidate

Let’s Connect

Please submit your resume to or contact 0404 205 527 start a conversation.

Rednax Recruitment acknowledges the importance of income and is dedicated to assisting individuals in finding secure employment. We are deeply committed to promoting equal employment opportunities, embracing diversity, and encouraging individuals of all age groups to apply for our services.

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Benefits of Chippies Work

There are many reasons and aspects of being a carpenter which contribute to its attractive nature as a job prospect. One significant benefit is the opportunity for a steady income. Construction projects are constantly underway, and as a carpenter, you are essential to the building process. As long as there is construction work, you can typically find employment, providing a relatively stable income source throughout the year.

Job security is another positive aspect of carpentry work. The ongoing demand for construction projects ensures that you will have a steady stream of work opportunities. With your qualifications and experience, you can enjoy secure employment prospects, reducing the uncertainties commonly associated with certain industries.

Carpentry work is also a very self-satisfying field of work thanks to the visible results of your efforts. The sense of fulfilment from creating tangible and functional structures can be immensely satisfying. You get to witness your craftsmanship come to life, whether it’s building a house, crafting custom furniture, or contributing to architectural marvels.

Additionally, carpentry allows for creativity and problem-solving. You will often encounter unique challenges during construction, requiring you to devise innovative solutions and think critically to overcome obstacles. This aspect of the job keeps the work engaging and intellectually stimulating.

Brisbane Carpenters Available

Rednax Recruitment supplies skilled carpenters to chippy companies throughout Brisbane, covering various suburbs such as Woolloongabba, Eagle Farm, South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, Petrie Terrace, Red Hill, Kelvin Grove, Newmarket, East Brisbane, Toowong, Indooroopilly, Yeronga, Chermside, and Mt Gravatt. Our skilled employees have the opportunity to work on both residential and commercial sites, providing a diverse and engaging career within the local area.

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