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Every day, Rednax Recruitment receives numerous urgent calls from residential, commercial, and civil building groups in need of workers. As a company specializing in short- and long-term casual construction labourer roles, we are the ideal choice for those seeking such opportunities. We have many vacancies available, including in Brisbane, Wellington Point, Sandgate, Brighton, Redcliffe, and many more.

Construction Labouring Jobs Brisbane

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We are currently seeking experienced construction labourers Brisbane wide who are looking to grow and expand their skills. The right candidate for the job will possess good physical strength and attention to detail to provide high quality outcomes across a wide range of building services.

If you are a construction labourer or are in the building labouring industry, we would be delighted to meet you. Please apply now by sending us your resume and we will arrange a confidential discussion about your next career move.

Rednax Recruitment provides labourers to the building industry in Brisbane to help them complete projects on time and within budget.

Description of Builder Labourer Positions

We are looking for experienced construction labourers and building labourers in Brisbane to fill a variety of roles.

Construction labourers are an integral part of the overall team due to their indispensable roles and contributions. These individuals perform a wide range of physical tasks that require strength and endurance, such as digging trenches, carrying materials, and operating machinery. Their physical labour lays the foundation for the smooth execution of various activities.

Another critical aspect of their role lies in site preparation. Building labourers play a vital role in clearing and levelling the site, removing debris, and setting up temporary structures. By ensuring that the site is ready for subsequent stages of the project, they facilitate the efficient progression of the project.

Material handling is yet another crucial responsibility of builder labourers. They assist in receiving, organizing, and distributing various materials like bricks, concrete, lumber, and steel. Their efforts ensure that materials are readily available to other workers, contributing to the seamless workflow onsite.

Safety is paramount in construction, and labourers actively contribute to maintaining a secure working environment. They enforce safety protocols, identify potential hazards, and ensure that all workers use the appropriate safety equipment. Moreover, building labourers help in cleaning up the site and removing debris, ensuring a tidy and hazard-free work area.

Additionally, builder labourers provide invaluable support to skilled workers such as carpenters, masons, electricians, and plumbers. Their assistance with tasks like setting up scaffolding, mixing concrete, and carrying tools allows skilled workers to focus on their specialized work, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

Beyond their physical contributions, construction adisplay remarkable flexibility and adaptability. As projects often require adjustments and modifications, their ability to quickly switch between different responsibilities helps the team cope with changes effectively.

Some key fields you may find yourself in as a builder labourer could include:

  • Carpenters
  • Building / Renovations, Cladding
  • Construction
  • Demolitions
  • Fit Outs

Are you a skilled labourer or an enthusiastic worker with experience in general construction? Are you looking for a labouring job to develop and build your skills in? Reach out to us! We are currently holding interviews with experienced individuals. Make sure to apply today and get to the top of our call list right away.


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Builder Assistant Role Responsibilities May Include

Brisbane construction labourers are given a wide variety of tasks depending on the worksite and environment, such as:

  • Site preparation
  • Utilizing power tools, including drills and saws
  • Operating vehicles like skid loaders and forklifts
  • Transporting materials by shovelling to and from sites
  • Excavating and digging trenches
  • Properly disposing of waste materials
  • Constructing scaffolding structures
  • Loading and unloading supplies
  • Ensuring job site safety by promptly reporting incidents to the Site Manager

Requirements / Skills for Construction Labourer

A successful candidate for this position must:

  • Be somewhat experienced in construction / building
  • Be a hard worker
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Get along with others
  • Follow instructions
  • Be resilient and adaptable

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At Rednax Recruitment, we understand the importance of financial stability and are dedicated to assisting individuals in finding meaningful employment. Our passion lies in offering equal opportunities for employment, promoting diversity, and encouraging individuals of all age groups to apply for our opportunities.

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Benefits of Construction Labouring Work

Being a construction labourer is an attractive career choice for many individuals. One of the significant advantages is the opportunity for physical activity and job satisfaction. You engage in physically demanding tasks regularly, which not only keeps you active but also provides a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment as you contribute to the construction of buildings, roads, or infrastructure.

Another positive aspect of being a building assistant is the diverse skill development that occurs on the job. You are exposed to a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, including operating heavy machinery, using power tools, and performing manual labour. This exposure helps you acquire a versatile skill set and valuable experience that can benefit your career in the long run.

Construction labour positions often serve as entry-level opportunities in the industry. They typically require minimal prior experience or formal education, making it an accessible option if you are just starting your careers or considering a career change. This aspect of the job provides a pathway for you to enter the industry and gain valuable experience and knowledge.

Moreover, you have the potential for career advancement within the field. With dedication and a strong work ethic, you can progress to more specialized roles, such as carpenters, equipment operators, or project supervisors. This opportunity for growth and advancement provides motivation and a clear career trajectory if you are looking to build a long-term career in the industry.

On-the-job learning is also a valuable aspect of being a construction labourer. Rather than relying solely on formal education, you learn through practical experiences and hands-on training. This learning approach can be rewarding if you prefer a practical environment and enjoy continually developing your skills.

Furthermore, the construction industry tends to offer job stability. Projects are typically in demand, providing a consistent flow of work and greater job security compared to industries with more volatile employment conditions. This stability can provide you with peace of mind and a sense of security.

Working outdoors is an appealing aspect for many construction assistants. The opportunity to work in different weather conditions and experience the changing seasons can be highly fulfilling if you enjoy being in nature and prefer not to be confined to an indoor office environment.

Lastly, you can take pride in their contribution to communities. You play a vital role in building essential infrastructure, homes, and commercial spaces that directly impact the lives of people and contribute to the overall development and improvement of communities.

Brisbane Construction Labourers Available

Rednax Recruitment provides workers to construction companies across Brisbane in suburbs such as  New Farm, Kedron, Ashgrove, Coorparoo, Wynnum, Wellington Point, Sandgate, Brighton, Redcliffe, North Lakes, Acacia Ridge, Browns Plains, Rochedale and Underwood. In the local area, our employees enjoy a diverse and engaging career as they work on various residential and commercial sites. This allows them to experience a wide range of projects, making their work both interesting and fulfilling.

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