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General Labouring Roles Available

Rednax Recruitment receives daily inquiries from residential, commercial, and civil building organisations in urgent need of general labourers for various construction sites and projects. Our agency serves as the ideal partner for those seeking both short-term and long-term casual labouring positions, and we currently have numerous vacancies available throughout Melbourne.

Labourer Jobs Melbourne

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We are currently hiring general labourers Melbourne wide. The right candidates will be reliable with a strong work ethic and good fitness who can perform manual labour tasks and support crews in worksites.

General laborers are welcome to join us, and we would be thrilled to meet you! Kindly submit your resume and visit us in person to take the next step.

General Labourers Jobs Description

We are seeking Melbourne General Labourers for jobs in warehouses, construction sites, and factories. Our General Labourers are the backbone of any crew as they help others within the team to complete projects on time. First and foremost, they are highly versatile and can adapt to various tasks on the construction site. Whether it’s moving materials, assisting skilled tradespeople, cleaning up debris, or performing basic construction tasks, their ability to fill in wherever needed makes them indispensable.

Furthermore, general labourers provide valuable support to skilled workers, such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and masons. By taking on less specialized tasks, they free up skilled workers to focus on their expertise, which improves overall efficiency and productivity.

Having skilled labourers to handle essential but less complex tasks also ensures that skilled workers are not tied up with mundane activities. This optimized division of labour results in time and cost savings for the construction project.

In addition to their practical contributions, general labourers also play a vital role in maintaining a safe and organized work environment. They are responsible for cleaning up debris, keeping walkways clear, and adhering to safety protocols. This helps prevent accidents and ensures the smooth flow of work.

With a reliable team of general labourers, construction projects can progress more rapidly. Their contributions ensure that each aspect of the project keeps moving forward smoothly and efficiently. Their flexibility allows them to adjust to changing requirements and deadlines, making them a valuable asset to any construction team.

Our Melbourne labouring jobs are across several fields, including:

  • Carpenter’s labourers,
  • General Construction Labourers helping with building, renovations, cladding, demolition,
  • Traffic control, event management, and
  • Fit outs,
  • Event Management,
  • Traffic Control, and
  • Warehousing.

If you are looking for a General labouring job we are currently interviewing people with experience at all levels. If you are a General Labour looking for a position to grow in, apply below and so you can be one of the first people on our call list.


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General Labourer Job Duties May Include

General Labours are responsible of a number of tasks such as:

  • Site cleanup, site setup, and assisting tradespeople/ contractors.
  • Operating power tools and , machinery,
  • Lifting, loading/ unloading necessary items for site, and.
  • Use of wheelbarrows, digging trenches, pits and similar, shovelling soil, rubble and concrete.

General Labouring Essential Criteria

The successful applicant must:

  • be hard working, reliable and punctual
  • have a White Card
  • work well in a team.
  • follow instructions and commit to following safety rules

Specifics of this Labouring Position

  • Hours: 40 per week
  • Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Casual
  • Long term work on offer for the right people

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To apply, submit your resume via our contact form or contact us at 0475 729 439 for a chat.

At Rednax Recruitment, we value how important income is, and aim to assist in securing employment. We are committed to equal opportunities, embracing diversity, and welcoming applicants of all ages.

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Benefits of General Labourer Work

If you are physically fit, enjoy being outdoors in a team environment then you would probably enjoy our Melbourne General Labouring jobs. The best thing about labouring jobs is that you get to work with large scale teams and contribute to the creation of big projects. Whether it is the successful running of an event, the building of residential houses or commercial projects or the efficient operation of warehousing operations. There is a great diversity in activities that you do in general labouring roles, and you get to meet a large number of people.

The versatility of the job allows you to work on various tasks and projects, making your workday dynamic and interesting. You’ll be engaged in physical activity, promoting good health and fitness while on the job. Additionally, the role provides ample learning opportunities as you work alongside skilled professionals, giving you the chance to acquire new skills and techniques.

One of the significant advantages of being a general labourer is the availability of job opportunities. As the demand for general labourers spans across different industries, you can rest assured that there will be a steady flow of work possibilities. This accessibility makes it an attractive entry point into the workforce, facilitating a smoother career start in the construction or related fields.

Working as a general labourer also exposes you to the concept of teamwork. Collabourating with diverse teams on various projects fosters strong relationships and camaraderie with your colleagues. Moreover, your contributions have an immediate impact on the completion of projects, giving you a sense of accomplishment and pride in your work.

As you face various challenges on the job, your problem-solving skills will be put to the test, and you’ll find yourself developing critical thinking abilities. Skilled tradespeople often appreciate the vital support and assistance general labourers provide, making you an essential part of the team.

Furthermore, this work allows you to expand your professional network. Working on different sites exposes you to various individuals within the industry, creating networking opportunities that may lead to future career growth.

Construction Labourers Melbourne

We are looking for a range of general labourers including Melbourne Construction Labourers. Construction labourers perform physical labour for construction projects. A lot of our ongoing labouring work is for construction labourers, but occasionally exciting opportunities where you can be involved in big events, or other industrial operations and broaden your skill set.

Melbourne Labourer Jobs Available

Rednax Recruitment provides businesses companies across Melbourne in suburbs such as South Yarra, Moonee Ponds, Coburg, St Kilda, Port Melbourne, West Melbourne, Collingwood, Footscray, Doncaster, Box Hill, Melbourne, Brunswick, Preston, South Melbourne, Southbank, Mernda. In the local area, our employees have the opportunity to work in both residential and commercial work sites, providing them with a diverse and engaging career path.

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