Can I Go Back To Uni If I Already Have A Degree?

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Life is short, and people crave knowledge. Whether it’s the desire to gain more experience in your career field or a complete change of heart, many people consider going back to university after graduating. The question is, though, can you go back to university if you already have a degree?

You are able go back to university if you already have a degree. There are many options for returning students including honours and master’s degrees. You can complete an associate degree, certificate, or diploma for targeted and new industry qualifications. A second bachelor’s degree is an option.

Below we have all the answers you need to know about if you’re considering going back to uni!

Can you do another degree if you already have one?

You absolutely can do another degree if you already have one. If you’ve completed a degree in the past and are considering going back to university to study another, there are many options available. A master’s degree might be perfect if you’re looking to gain a higher qualification in your current field of study. This can help if you’re in a profession that offers more opportunities with more skills that you’ll gain from going back to university. It’s also a great option to advance into a leadership position.

If you’re looking at a different career path altogether, a second bachelor’s degree may be right for you. You could also consider doing an associate degree, diploma, certificate, or any other qualification option. It’s all about picking the right option that lines up with your goals. The good news is, that you can complete a range of other degrees even if you already have one.

Can someone have multiple degrees?

Anyone can have multiple degrees. There are lots more people than you may realise who have multiple degrees or other qualifications. Some may say that having multiple degrees is a sign of indecisiveness, but this isn’t true. It’s demonstrating that you’re committed enough to earn more than one qualification. It shows that you’re inquisitive and enjoy learning new skills. This is a great characteristic to have and makes you a very appealing employee.

You can also have a range of degrees. You could do a diploma and a bachelor’s degree. An undergraduate and a master’s degree. There are so many options!

Can I do another bachelor’s degree after graduating?Can I do an undergraduate degree if I already have a degree?

You are definitely able to do another bachelor’s degree after graduating. If you’re looking for a change in your career, you could check out a different bachelor’s degree to go back to university for. There are many degree options in different areas that you can choose to study as a second bachelor’s degree, including arts, science, history, and medicine.

Going back to university for a second bachelor’s degree can be daunting though. You might be wondering if it’s hard to get a second bachelor’s degree. This entirely depends on what you choose to study and your schedule. A student juggling work, parenting duties, and university studies for a second degree can have a harder time. This is compared to students with fewer responsibilities and demands in their lives. But there are many flexible learning options available to make getting a second degree easier.

Can I do an undergraduate degree if I already have a degree?

You can do an undergraduate degree if you already have a degree; it can actually boost your enrolment application. This is because you’ve shown that you’ll commit to finishing a degree, which means you’re likely to get first pick to study another undergraduate degree.

There aren’t opportunities to study higher degrees in every area. You might have to start with another undergraduate degree. But the good news is that this is an option!

Can you do two undergraduate degrees?

It is possible to study two undergraduate degrees at once, but this isn’t common. Concurrent enrolment allows a university student to undertake two programs at the same time. There are usually eligibility criteria that you must pass before being accepted to study two undergraduate degrees.

If you’re interested in studying two separate undergraduate degrees, you need to talk to your university/universities. Depending on your school and personal situation, you may be able to complete both degrees at the same university. Or you could be offered an opportunity to study at two separate institutions.

How many degrees can I do at once?

Typically, universities will discourage students from taking on more than two degrees at once. If you are wanting to complete more than two degrees, you will have to talk to your university. There might be a way that they can create a mixed study load that allows you to chip away at more than two degrees at once. But, generally, undertaking three or more degrees at once is unheard of.

This doesn’t mean it’s a definite no to studying more than two degrees at once. With the mixed study load, you could potentially study subjects across three or more degrees. But you will most likely spend more time at university attempting to complete all the degrees at once.

Can you get two degrees at once?

You can get two degrees at once, and this is slowly becoming more popular amongst university students. There are options to study two courses at one time, acting as a part-time student in each degree. Or you can undertake a dual degree program that gives you two qualifications from a slightly larger study load.

This is not to be confused with the term double degree which requires you to complete two separate qualifications one after the other. For a double degree, you must complete the first degree before commencing the second. This is another good option to gain multiple qualifications.Can you do two degrees at once?

Can you do three degrees at the same time?

Though it isn’t recommended, there are some instances where you can do three degrees at the same time. This isn’t an easy road to take as a university student and can only be done with permission from your university.

The thing about studying three degrees at the same time is that you will need to devote all your time to your study. You will have to either sacrifice working and social time for studying or sacrifice some of your grades. This increases the chances of you failing units and taking longer to complete the degrees.

Can you be a student at two universities at the same time?

You can be enrolled as a student at two universities at the same time. If you’re wanting to complete multiple degrees, you can apply for concurrent enrolment at two institutions. This is specifically to study two separate courses.

You can also enrol at a second university if you want to go back to uni after getting a degree. You might find that you want to gain another degree, but it isn’t offered at the university you first went to. If this is the case, you can apply for a degree at another university and become an alumnus of multiple universities.

Can you be a student at two universities at the same time?Can you do the same degree twice?

You can’t do the same degree twice, especially not at the same university. If you have already successfully completed the degree, you won’t be able to go back to the start and do it again. There are opportunities to re-study certain units of your degree if you fail course units the first time. But in terms of the whole degree, if you successfully complete it, you can’t do the same degree twice.

A time where you might find yourself repeating similar units is if you complete one qualification at one school, and then move on to a higher degree at another. Not all universities accept unit credits from other institutes. If this is the case, you may find that you have to complete units similar to the ones you already did at a different school.

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