Is Being A Cleaner A Good Job?

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There are endless work opportunities in this busy world, but every industry would be lost without cleaners. With that being said, considering the importance of cleanliness, is being a cleaner a good job?

Being a cleaner is a good job with plenty of job security as cleaners are in high demand. Every industry needs professional cleaners to uphold sanitary conditions for a healthy workspace. Working as a cleaner improves your physical health and offers opportunities to manage your own cleaning business.

There are good and bad pieces to every job, but many people don’t realise that being a cleaner can be a great job!

Is working as a cleaner a good job?

Working as a cleaner can be a great job where you have a hand in protecting the health of your work communities. This point has been highlighted since COVID came about, where cleaning has been really important to keep each other safe. Cleaners have become one of the major contributing heroes because they make sure our workplaces are properly sanitized every day. They’re the reason lots of people have been able to avoid becoming sick when returning to work.

There is also lots of job security in cleaning which makes being a cleaner a good job. Every industry needs cleaners, and you can become a professional cleaner specializing in certain areas. For example, you could be a cleaner in science labs or hospitals. Both of these places need highly sanitized cleaning to be done, putting great importance on your work as a cleaner.

As a cleaner, you are also more likely to have better physical health than other workers. You learn to properly sanitize your surrounding environment which can protect you from bacteria that will make you sick. Cleaners often also wear masks, keeping you extra safe when working. The work that a cleaner does is very physical, so you can improve your physical fitness and strength in this role. These are all benefits that make being a cleaner a good job.

On top of these benefits, you can also create your own cleaning business to build a career over a job in the industry. You can be a business owner, and a manager, and end up with a very successful business in your name.

Is Being a Cleaner Bad?

While cleaning can be a great job, there are less positive sides to the work. This includes society often thinking that cleaning is an easy job.Is working as a cleaner bad? Also, the fact that there will be times that you have to clean very unpleasant places. There can be lots of judgement surrounding working as a cleaner. This has resulted in a lack of respect for cleaners, which deters lots of people from considering this as a career. But good cleaners make great employees.

The lack of respect, most cleaners will tell you, is the worst part about being a cleaner. The job itself isn’t bad and can be very satisfying. But cleaning isn’t as easy as people make it out to be. As a cleaner, you can be assigned large spaces to clean in a designated amount of time. This can add pressure to the cleaning as you try to sterilise everything before other people come back to work.

Cleaning is more than just mopping floors and cleaning toilets. A good cleaner sees the minor details that are often overlooked by others. As a cleaner, you clean while organising areas, keeping things neat and maintained. Every room becomes neater and flows better once a cleaner has been through it.

The hard part about being a cleaner is that there can be some awful messes that you have to clean up. This includes dirty bathrooms or mouldy lockers. But with a regular cleaning schedule, you won’t have to encounter terrible messes often!

What are the Benefits of Being a Cleaner?

One of the biggest benefits of being a cleaner is that you should be able to get a job almost anywhere you wish to go. There are always jobs for cleaners in varying industries with a range of skills. This means that there is lots of job security as a cleaner in most places in the world. You could decide to move across the globe for six months. You can work as a cleaner at any time of the day, and still enjoy time in a different country! It’s a great way to earn money while being able to explore.

You can also connect with a labour recruitment agency to help network and get good, regular cleaning work. The connections you make through these companies can help secure you a cleaning job in all different places.

Working as a cleaner is also a great form of exercise. You will constantly be moving around and using different parts of your body to clean. This repetition helps build strength in your muscles. Having to potentially climb stairs and walk around with your cleaning gear builds strength and stamina. All this physical activity will help boost your physical health.Do you need qualifications to be a cleaner?

On top of this, working as a cleaner can have mental health benefits too! Cleaning is a great way to release stress. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s recommended to get up and clean the environment around us. While this might not clear your head, a clear space releases subconscious anxiety. There are several health benefits of decluttering and cleaning. So, being a cleaner can help reduce your stress and anxiety by a lot! Meanwhile, you’re helping to improve safety and reduce the spreading of germs and pests.

Do You Need Qualifications to Be a Cleaner?

You don’t need any formal education or qualifications to start a career as a cleaner. Lots of cleaning careers are built on your experience from the job and not so much a qualification. Employers will typically provide all the training and equipment you need for the job. As you go, you should learn about different cleaning and sanitising methods. You can also look into getting a cleaning qualification if you would like to become more of a professional. This can help if you want to be a key part of a cleaning business. But if you’re happy sticking to the cleaning itself, then you don’t need a qualification.

Where Do Cleaners Work?

Cleaners work in every industry from medical to construction to education. Every industry needs cleaners to help keep their spaces neat and sanitised. Common places that cleaners work include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Rental Properties
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Transit Systems
  • In Homes
  • Hotels

In some places, the cleaners will have a bigger role than just cleaning rooms. This is often the case if you work in places such as a hotel. It’s a great way to be a cleaner while also gaining other skills if you’re looking to branch out in your career.

Can You Have a Good Career as a Cleaner?

Can you have a good career as a cleaner?It’s possible to develop and have a good career as a cleaner in the long run. Cleaning as a profession has led people to feel both daunted and excited. If you’re someone who enjoys tending to a variety of cleaning details, has great organisational skills, is reliable with a strong work ethic go ahead. These are all key qualities that can lead to great success in the cleaning industry. Add innovation and initiative to it and you could even be on track to owning a cleaning business.

Since cleaners are in such high demand, if you can produce quality work, you could become a well-trusted cleaning business.

There are also many opportunities to grow your career even if you start at the bottom rank in the cleaning industry. For example, you might start a job as a housekeeper in a hotel. With time, you could progress to a role such as housekeeping manager at that hotel. Then you might be asked to manage the housekeeping at multiple hotels. You could then end up as one of the most valued housekeepers/housekeeping managers in the industry. And all because you took a chance on being a cleaner.

Working as a cleaner can be a great opportunity for anyone. It can be hard work but also has many benefits. One thing is for sure; you shouldn’t count out working in the cleaning industry because you never know where it could lead you!

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