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Painting Roles Available

Every day, Rednax Recruitment receives numerous inquiries from residential, commercial, and civil building groups in search of skilled painters and other workers. If you are looking for short- or long-term casual painting opportunities, Rednax is the perfect place for you. We currently have a range of vacancies available throughout Brisbane.

Painters Positions in Brisbane

Are you seeking SECURE WORK & HIGHER PAY?

We are currently looking for experienced painters Brisbane wide for residential, commercial, and insurance work. The right candidate will have excellent attention to detail. Our jobs have attractive pay for the right people, plus super, work cover, insurances and penalty rates.

We extend a warm welcome to all painters! If you’re interested, we would love to meet you. Kindly share your resume with us and consider visiting our office in person. We look forward to connecting with you!

Description of Painters Jobs

Rednax Recruitment is hiring Brisbane painters with experience to fill commercial and residential positions. Painters play a pivotal role within the overall team due to their expertise in enhancing the aesthetics of residential, commercial, or civil buildings. Their work adds beauty and visual appeal to the structures, which is essential for customer satisfaction and attracting potential clients. Moreover, skilled painters ensure that the paint application is done with precision and attention to detail, resulting in a smooth and consistent finish, free from streaks or blemishes. This attention to quality contributes to the overall excellence of the project.

Beyond aesthetics, painters provide a protective layer to surfaces, shielding them from various environmental factors such as weather, moisture, and UV rays. This preservation helps extend the lifespan of the structures, reducing the need for frequent maintenance, and ultimately saving costs in the long run. Additionally, painters collaborate closely with other members of the construction or renovation team, including designers, architects, contractors, and other tradespeople. Effective communication and teamwork are essential to ensure that the project progresses smoothly and is completed according to the planned specifications.

With their efficiency and ability to work within specified timeframes, painters also play a vital role in meeting project deadlines. Their timely completion of tasks contributes to the overall project’s success. Furthermore, the appearance of a building heavily influences customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a homeowner or a business owner, a well-executed painting job contributes to a positive impression of the property and enhances the overall customer experience.

If you are a painter looking for a job that allows you to grow and develop, we are currently holding interviews with qualified candidates! Please send through your CV today and make sure you are at the top of our call list. We will be in contact.


Would you like:

  • Increased Salary?
  • Consistent Earnings?
  • Stable Employers?
  • Extra Hours?
  • Penalty Rates?
  • Meal Reimbursements?

Painters Role Responsibilities Include

Onsite, painters take on a number of key tasks, such as:

  • Painting, rolling and brushwork
  • Sanding and repainting
  • Working on planks, trestles and scaffolding

Requirements and Skills of Painters Position

To be successful in this role, the candidate must:

  • Have their own transport and basic tools
  • Be capable of working at heights
  • Work well with others
  • Be open to listening and learning
  • Be able to follow company procedures and policies

Specifics of this Painter Job in Brisbane

  • Hours: Monday to Friday (Saturday optional)
  • Location: Brisbane, Gold Coast
  • Salary: Negotiated Hourly Rate, plus super and standard penalty rates
  • Full time positions available for the right person

To Apply for this Painting Job

Please submit your resume to or call or text us at 0404 205 527 for a chat.

At Rednax Recruitment, we recognise the significance of income and strive to help people secure employment. We are passionate about providing equal employment opportunities, embracing diversity and encouraging all age groups to apply.

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Benefits of Painting Work

As a painter in the field of commercial and residential work, you will experience numerous positives and benefits. One of the most rewarding aspects is the opportunity for creative expression. You get to transform plain walls into beautiful and visually appealing spaces, adding your artistic touch to each project. This creative freedom can be incredibly fulfilling and inspiring.

Another advantage of being a painter is the job diversity it offers within the commercial and residential sectors. You will have the chance to work on a wide range of projects, from small residential houses to large commercial buildings. Each project presents unique challenges and opportunities for skill development, keeping your job interesting and engaging.

Moreover, painting provides an excellent avenue for skill enhancement. As you work on various projects, you will continuously refine your techniques, improve your efficiency, and become an expert in your craft. This continuous learning will contribute to your professional growth and expertise in delivering high-quality results.

Additionally, being a painter offers job stability within the commercial and residential sectors. There is always a demand for skilled painters as buildings require regular maintenance and renovations. This steady demand ensures a consistent flow of projects, providing you with a reliable source of income and employment opportunities.

Furthermore, job satisfaction is a significant perk of being a painter. Witnessing the transformation of spaces you’ve painted and the contentment of clients with the end result will bring immense joy and pride, making your work truly gratifying.

Lastly, as you continue to build your reputation and experience, you will have the chance to grow in your career. Experienced painters can take on more significant projects, work with prestigious clients, or establish their own painting businesses, offering new opportunities and challenges.

Brisbane Painting and Decorating Jobs Available

Rednax Recruitment provides painters across Brisbane in suburbs such as Brisbane such as Ascot, Nudgee, East Brisbane, New Farm, Toowong, Mt Ommaney, Ferny Grove, Paddington, Springwood as well as Carina, Slacks Creek, Yeerongpilly, Salisbury and Rocklea. In the local area, our employees enjoy a dynamic and captivating career filled with diversity and excitement.

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