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Rednax Recruitment receives daily calls from residential, commercial, and civil building groups urgently seeking workers like truck drivers. Our company is perfect for seeking short- and long-term casual truck driving jobs, and we have many vacancies across Brisbane.

Licenced Truck Drivers Wanted – MR, HR, HC, MC

If you are seeking SECURE WORK & HIGHER PAY, Rednax Recruitment has a golden opportunity for you! We are currently hiring licenced truck drivers Brisbane wide to fill both casual and permanent positions. The right candidates will have unrestricted driving privileges with recent experience, as well as professional references to verify their reliability. Whether you have an MR, HR, HC or MC licence, we want you!

We welcome qualified and licenced truck drivers to reach out to us! If you fit this criteria, we would be thrilled to meet you. Kindly share your resume with us and come visit us in person. We look forward to connecting with you!

Description of Truck Driver Positions in Brisbane

We are looking for licenced truck drivers for multiple full time and casual roles. Truckies play a vital role in the overall team of construction projects due to their indispensable contributions. Firstly, they are responsible for transporting various construction materials, including sand, gravel, cement, steel, lumber, and heavy equipment, from suppliers to the job site. Without their efficient transportation services, construction crews would struggle to access the necessary resources, leading to delays and disruptions.

Secondly, construction projects often operate on tight schedules, and timely delivery of materials is crucial. Truck drivers ensure that materials arrive at the site when needed, facilitating smooth operations and project progress. Their punctuality prevents costly setbacks and enables construction teams to work efficiently.

Moreover, truckies play a pivotal role in logistics coordination. They work closely with project managers and construction teams to ensure the right materials are delivered to the right locations at the right time. Their effective communication and adaptability are essential for accommodating last-minute changes and maintaining seamless operations.

In addition to material transportation, truck drivers are responsible for transporting heavy machinery and equipment to the job site. Their expertise in handling these large and specialized machines ensures that construction teams have the necessary tools to carry out their tasks effectively.

Furthermore, construction projects generate significant amounts of waste and debris. Truck drivers play a crucial role in removing and disposing of construction waste properly, contributing to a clean and safe work environment.

Finally, safety is of utmost importance in construction transportation. Truckies must follow safety protocols and regulations to ensure the secure handling and transportation of goods. Their commitment to safety prevents accidents on the road and at the construction site, safeguarding the entire team and the project’s success.

If you are looking for a truck driving position, contact us as we are currently holding interviewing people with the necessary qualifications and experience. If you are a truck driver on the hunt for a job that lets you thrive, grow and develop, reach out today! Submit your resume and be one of the first on our call list.


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Truckie Job Duties

Some of the primary tasks truck drivers must follow for construction include:

  • Towing trailers – double & single
  • Towing cargo
  • General hauling loads
  • Hook bin operations
  • Hoisting and emptying rubbish binds on commercial and residential sites

Requirements of Truck Driver Brisbane

A successful candidate must have their White Card and one or more of the following licences:

  • MR Licence – Medium Rigid
  • HR Licence – Heavy Rigid
  • HC Licence – Heavy Combination
  • MC Licence – Heavy Vehicle Multi-Combination

Specifics of this Truck Driving Position

  • Hours: minimum 40 / week, including occasional weekends as required
  • Job Types: Full-Time, Casual

Connect with Us

To apply, send your resume to or reach out via call/text at 0404 205 527. At Rednax Recruitment, we value income and are committed to assisting people in finding secure employment. We promote equal opportunities, embrace diversity, and welcome applicants of all age groups.

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Benefits of Truck Drivers Work

Being a truck driver in the construction industry offers you several positives and benefits. One of the significant advantages is the competitive pay that comes with your role, given the importance of transporting materials and equipment to construction sites. Moreover, job stability is a common feature of your profession, as construction projects are ongoing and require continuous transportation services.

You also have the opportunity to earn overtime pay, especially during busy periods or when urgent deliveries are needed. This can significantly boost your income and financial stability. Additionally, you will often experience a degree of independence in your work, managing your schedules and routes to ensure timely deliveries.

Another positive aspect is the chance to travel and explore different locations as part of your job. Driving to various construction sites exposes you to new places and regions, adding an element of adventure to your work routine. Furthermore, you may have diverse duties beyond driving, such as assisting with loading and unloading materials, which can make your job more engaging and varied.

Your role also allows for building relationships within the industry. Working closely with construction crews and site personnel fosters connections and networking opportunities, which could lead to future career growth. Moreover, contributing to construction projects by ensuring timely material delivery can bring a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction to you.

Operating large vehicles and handling different materials can lead to skill development, making you more proficient and valuable in the industry. With the ongoing construction and infrastructure development, truck driving remains an in-demand profession, offering you long-term career prospects if you seek stability and growth.

Brisbane Truck Drivers Available

At Rednax Recruitment, we cater to trucking companies throughout Brisbane, including suburbs like Kelvin Grove, Fortitude Valley, Eagle Farm, Woolloongabba, Newmarket, Red Hill, South Brisbane, Petrie Terrace, East Brisbane, as well as Mt Gravatt, Toowong, Chermside, Yeronga, and Indooroopilly. Our employees enjoy a dynamic and engaging career within the local community, offering them diverse and intriguing opportunities.

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