Why Do Companies Use Labour Hire?

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Labour hire has been a popular approach for businesses to supplement their staff with tradespeople, skilled professionals, and other specialised workers for decades.  Rather than recruiting, companies choose labour hire to fill both temporary and permanent positions in a range of areas.

Research tells us that this initiative makes it easier for businesses to meet a variety of staffing demands, without the headache of a recruitment process. Let’s take a closer look at what a labour hire is, how a labour hire firm operates, and the benefits of these services.

Companies use labour hire to simplify the process of obtaining new and reliable employees. The recruitment agencies source workers for the job at hand, checking that they best match the work and present them to employers. This way employers are guaranteed good workers that can get the job done well.

What is Labour Hire?

What kind of companies use labour hire?Labour hire is the practice of recruiting qualified individuals for a limited period, usually through a staffing agency.

Workers hired in this way, are not direct employees of a company, but of the sourcing agency. By using an agency, the entire staffing process is simplified for businesses. It reduces the amount of time it takes to find the relevant people required for each job. Labour hire can help a wide range of initiatives, including high-season activity, or covering short term leave of an existing employee. Seasons change, businesses fluctuate, and initiatives come and go. The demand for construction workers comes and goes in intensity, but there are always jobs going around. recruitment agencies are a great way for employers and workers to be connected all year round.

Labour hire can handle the complete hiring procedure, including recruitment, payroll, superannuation, and tax. At the same time, they ensure that the hired worker fulfils the client’s requirements and outlined aspirations. Often the workers given are employed by the labour hire agency and ‘leased’ to the client/company for a limited time.

This job structure differs from more standard employment arrangements, which frequently entail long-term contracts and an in-house recruitment procedure.  More recently, there has been a surge in this type of recruitment because it lightens the load for employers. Most recruitment agencies, such as Rednax Recruitment, specialise in certain work areas. For example, they will have sourced skilled and general labour workers for specific construction work. Other agencies will focus more on marketing and financial industries. Labour hire will always specialise in construction work.

What Kind of Companies Should Use Labour Hire?

Labour hire is a common option for companies that require workers for brief periods or have seasonal issues that prevent them from hiring permanent staff.  This type of arrangement also suits companies that have contract-based employment. It’s a viable option for the retail sector, particularly during high traffic times such as the Christmas period. Honestly, labour hire companies can help you find employees in almost any industry if you need them to. But certain companies might choose to only focus on construction labour. This is still a huge range of workers that they will be able to source for you though! It includes miners, warehouse workers, landscapers, carpenters, cleaners, painters and more.

What Are the Benefits of Labour Hire?

Labour hiring has several advantages for businesses which include:

  1. Reduce recruiting costs

The recruiting procedure can be somewhat arduous and expensive. The good news is that labour hire companies can help you save money. Because all the administrative work is taken care of for you. You won’t have to spend time drafting job descriptions, advertising, or conducting interviews. You’re more likely to find good employees from labour hire companies because of the dedication to sourcing workers.

  1. Easily deal with changes in demand

One of the main benefits of labour hiring is that it allows teams to quickly react to changing demand. Do you need twenty people one week and only five the next? It’s no issue. You’ll be able to hire more staff as needed, without having to worry too much about contracts. This is one of the harder parts of hiring personnel for a short time frame or longer period if required. But recruitment agencies can help and handle some of it!

  1. Manage time efficiently

These days, time management is crucial, and hiring labour in this manner can help you save numerous hours each week. You’ll be able to devote all of your attention to the real project at hand. This way you don’t have to worry about the initial recruitment process for new team members.

  1. Identifying the best talent

Labour hiring is all about making things easier for businesses, but it’s also about putting you in touch with the greatest personnel available. A reputable labour hiring company will have a broad network and will be able to provide you with the most qualified candidates. You’ll always have access to high-performing people who are ready to go when you need them, whether you require regular labourers or highly qualified technicians.

  1. Providing work-life balance

Labour hire allows you to provide your employees with more flexibility in their working hours. As a result, you can afford to offer your permanent staff some time off without negatively impacting production. Through this type of initiative, a worker can be employed to cover extra shifts. This allows your regular employees to get home on schedule and enjoy weekends with their families. You’ll enhance engagement, loyalty, and morale by ensuring your employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

How Do Labour Hire Companies Work?

Is it good to use a labour hire company?Labour hire companies are approached by employers with labour jobs that they are needing workers for. The recruitment team take down as much information as possible to understand exactly what the employer is searching for. They then assess their collection of labour workers that have connected with them to see if they are suited for the job. Recruitment agencies take expressions of interest for labour work which is how they build a collection of workers.

The labour hire agency will also advertise the position but not the company that is actually completing the job. This way they will meet new workers and interview them. They will find the best workers for the job that meet the needs of the business and present them to the employer.

The information they will need from the employer includes the specific job information. The job title, worker responsibilities, contract duration and supervisor name and contact information will all be required. As well as the job hours and work to be carried out.

The labour hire organisation will evaluate workers credentials and experience, as well as any licenses and permissions they may have. This is all to ensure employees match the need of each specific worksite according to the company profile given.

Is working as a labour hire employee good to do?

Working as a labour hire employee has a number of advantages that make it a good thing to do. In this role, you have access to a wide range of various positions, allowing you to increase your experience across a broad variety of tasks.

This type of employment allows you to choose your availability, without being tied down to one specific employer. It also provides a unique platform for employees to build relationships and network with a variety of companies and their people. This networking can see a lot of opportunities come about for your labour career.

To continue to build your labour career, you need to be building your communication skills and developing your workplace common sense. Rednax recruitment has the best tips for this in our resources, to help you get the most out of your career. We can also tell you what you should know about becoming a carpenter and more! To connect with skilled and general labour workers, contact Rednax Recruitment

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